mysql drop all tables

SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 0; — Your semicolon separated list of DROP statements here SELECT concat(‘DROP TABLE IF EXISTS ‘, TABLE_NAME, ‘;’) FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema = ‘taylorwessing’; SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 1;

Create PHP CRUD with symfony

composer create-project symfony/website-skeleton example cd example composer require –dev symfony/maker-bundle bin/console make:entity SomeExample bin/console make:crud SomeExample

#!/bin/bash # Update all git directories below current directory or specified directory # Skips directories that contain a file called .ignore HIGHLIGHT=”\e[01;34m” NORMAL=’\e[00m’ function update { local d=”$1″ if [ -d “$d” ]; then if…

mysql db size

SELECT table_schema “DB Name”, Round(Sum(data_length + index_length) / 1024 / 1024, 1) “DB Size in MB” FROM information_schema.tables GROUP BY table_schema LIMIT 30;

Telegram tłumaczenie polskie

hmm zrobione wieki temu chyba trzeba będzie uaktualnić Tłumaczenie komunikatora wyślij przez teleram jako plik, pobiez i wtedy jest dostepna opcja użyj tłumaczenie Android Telegram Polish translation – Polskie tłumaczenie Telegram na Androida wiecej…

typo3 7.6.4 RTE: Oops, an error occurred!

No image handlers are configured. Check page TSconfig RTE.default.buttons.image.options.imageHandler. try this one RTE.default.showButtons := addToList(image) RTE.default.proc.allowTagsOutside := addToList(img) RTE.default.FE.showButtons < RTE.default.showButtons RTE.default.FE.proc.allowTagsOutside < RTE.default.proc.allowTagsOutside RTE.default.FE.proc.entryHTMLparser_db.tags.img > RTE.default.buttons.image.options.imageHandler { image { handler = TYPO3\CMS\Rtehtmlarea\ImageHandler\EditImageHandler label =…

c# link parser

// //You can write some pretty simple regular expressions to handle this, or go via more traditional string splitting + LINQ methodology. //Regex var linkParser = new Regex(@”\b(?:https?://|www\.)\S+\b”, RegexOptions.Compiled | RegexOptions.IgnoreCase); var rawString =…

website copy or archive website

to dump all site you can use classic software but if you need archive website you can user or Wayback Machine from bookmarklets to copy website: archive is javascript:void(open(‘’+encodeURIComponent(document.location))) javascript:location.href=’’+location.href