mam jakis sentyment do tej funkcji zwracajacej htmlowego selecta


function selectTabs($selName, $tabs, $id, $cssLen=NULL)
  if ($css_len==NULL) $size = '150px';
  $select.='<select name="'.$selName.'" style="width:'.$cssLen.';" >';
  $select.='<option value="">'."</option>n";
  if ( count($tabs)>0)
    foreach ($tablica as $key => $value) {
        $select.='<option ';
        if (trim($id) == trim($key)){ $select.=' selected ';}
    return $select;

Where do you want to watch TV today?

with naviflash :)

naviflash 1060 best navigations

  • Integrated DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial)
  • Integrated GPS receiver with cutting edge Sirf StarIII technology for an exact leading to the destination
  • quick calculation of alternative routes by an Intel® PXA255 processor with 400 MHz
  • Road map mode for a clear road map presentation with Points of Interest (e.g. hotels, restaurants etc.)
  • 1 GB CF card with detailed
    Tele Atlas maps (D, A, CH, Benelux + main European roads already
    pre-installed) and 28 European countries detailed on DVD (maps of
    Australia and USA available from summer 2006)
  • Mobility Pack: mobile navigation